Pressure Washing Services in Canoga Park

Pressure Washing Canoga Park CA

Over time contaminants in the air and dust take a toll on your property’s exterior. Left as is, they’ll dull surfaces and give your building a neglected appearance. Fear not, our pressure washing Canoga Park professional services will wash away the dirt and freshen the exterior. 

Curb Appeal Power Clean provides a full range of pressure washing services for residential and commercial clients. With our expert team and range of industrial-grade machinery, we can restore your building’s appearance. 

Why do Canoga Park residents choose us above any other cleaning service? Check out our reviews and see our results for yourself.

Wood Fence Pressure Washing Los Angeles

Deck and Fence Restoration

Washing the fence and scrubbing down the deck are two chores that end up in the “one-day” pile. Well, today’s that day. Call in the Curb Appeal Power Clean team to restore these areas to pristine condition.

Driveways are one of the most neglected areas of a home. Homeowners, accustomed to the staining power of oil, give up trying to clean them after a while but don’t throw in the towel just yet. Our team will find a way to lift those ugly stains.

pressure washing driveway in north hollywood
Building Washing Los Angeles

Dirt and pollution take their toll on commercial buildings. Bird poop and other contaminants add to the unappealing look a building acquires over time. Contact Curb Appeal Power Clean today about freshening up the exterior of your commercial building.

If you had to pick the grimiest areas of your commercial property, would the garage and parking lot make the list? They would, for most companies, as these areas are notoriously hard to keep clean. Give our team a call, and we’ll restore these areas to a like-new condition.

Parking Lot and Garage sweeping Los Angeles
Driveway Cleaning Los Angeles

Gas Station Cleaning

It isn’t easy to keep a gas station clean. With clients spilling their food and drink, or cars leaking oil and other fluids, it’s impossible to keep the floor looking fresh. Don’t sweat the small stuff. The professionals at Curb Appeal Power Clean will clean the station at a time most convenient for you.

Dirt and grime make your home look dreary. Mildew and mold, however, pose a real safety threat to your family. Regularly pressure washing your home washes away dirt and dangerous spores.

Pressure Washing in Encino
Tile Roof Cleaning Los Angeles

Your home’s roof acts as a catchall for flying dust and debris. If left in place, the dirt sets into place, resulting in a residue that looks unsightly but is no match for the Curb Appeal Power Clean technicians.

About Canoga Park

First settled by the Chumash Native American tribe, this area lies in a fertile valley. The site is home to the Burro Flats Painted Cave, a link to a history almost forgotten today. 

The current town was founded in 1912 and currently boasts a population of just over 60,500 people. 

The town has many exciting cuisines and craft brews to try, which provide a wonderful respite during the heat of summer. Retail therapy is prominent in this town, so don’t miss out on a trip to a few malls. 

The Platt House on Sherman Way gives visitors an excellent photo opportunity. However, don’t be fooled: this tribute to the Victorian building style is no more than fifty years old but contains wood and fixtures from torn down houses that once belonged in the Victorian period.

Our Customer Reviews

Great customer service, honest guys.I called Curb Appeal for a quote and estimate. Got an instant response over the phone and was able to text photos of the damage. The contractor answered immediately and gave their base estimate but also gave some excellent advice and their professional opinion that the damage didn’t require the more expensive treatment. It’s a very rare company that doesn’t try to upsell you, and they were completely correct. Thank you so much.
I called them based on their reviews and they did deliver. From the ease of making the appointment, texting the day to inform me they were running late and what time to expect them -the communication is excellent. I would definitely use them for next year’s gutter cleaning. Thank you Curb Appeal!
Carolyn Conrad
Carolyn Conrad
Did a great job! Right on time, very efficient, fairly priced
alex bilowitz
alex bilowitz
Robert and Eric were exceptional. Have been using this service for the past few years and have always been impressed with their service.
Tony Moses
Tony Moses
I will absolutely be using curb appeal again!!Excellent professional service
Gail Berger
Gail Berger
Guys were great. They even alerted me of a serious roof problem that I didn't know about. I called my roofer right away!
Nicole Grace
Nicole Grace
I called Curb Appeal to schedule service for our gutters to be cleared. They responded promptly and scheduled me in. Due to some upcoming rains, they moved me up to get the job done before then, which was really appreciated. The crew was prompt and efficient and all communication was very easy. I highly recommend Curb Appeal for any of the services they provide.
Jason Lieberman
Jason Lieberman
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