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    Quality Roof Cleaning Services in Thousand Oaks, CA

    Curb Appeal Power Clean expertly handles roof cleaning in Thousand Oaks, CA. The advanced soft wash technique leaves local roofs spotless without damaging these delicate surfaces.

    Is It Worth It To Have Your Roof Cleaned in Thousand Oaks, CA ?

    Your Thousand Oaks roof can quickly disappear under dirt, algae, mold, mildew, lichens, and moss, thanks to California’s perfect conditions for contaminants to thrive. Thankfully, scheduling regular soft washing can keep your roof in pristine condition, decreasing roof repairs over the years.

    Our Services

    Residential Services

    Michael Getter
    House Washing
    Window Cleaning
    Gutter Cleaning
    Driveway Cleaning
    Paver Cleaning & Sealing
    Roof Cleaning
    Skylight Cleaning
    Solar Panel Cleaning

    Commercial Services

    Building Washing
    Window Cleaning
    Parking Lot and Garage Cleaning
    Solar Panel Cleaning
    Rust Removal
    Graffiti Removal
    Sidewalk Cleaning
    Gum Removal

    Why Choose Curb Appeal Power Clean?

    Here are some of the reasons to choose our team for reliable roof cleaning in Thousand Oaks, CA:



    We have flexible scheduling, aiming to minimize disruption to your home or business. 


    Quality Services

    Our highly trained team uses advanced equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to deliver quality work every time.


    Customer Service

    When you hire Curb Appeal Power Clean, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll have an unmatched customer experience with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

    Benefits of Roof Cleaning in Thousand Oaks, CA

    Why go for professional roof cleaning in Thousand Oaks, CA? The main reason is to enhance your home’s curb appeal, especially if you want to boost your property’s resale value before you sell it.

    Increase Home Value

    Why go for professional roof cleaning in Thousand Oaks, CA? The main reason is to enhance your home’s curb appeal, especially if you want to boost your property’s resale value before you sell it.

    Protect It From Damage

    Regular cleaning eliminates buildup that can gradually cause roof deterioration. It protects the roofing material from long-term damage and could extend your roof’s lifespan.

    Save Time and Money

    Roof cleaning costs a fraction of repairing or replacing a roof, so why not take advantage of Curb Appeal Power Clean’s know-how and tools for superb results?

    Create a Healthier Environment

    Removing mold, allergens, and other bacteria from your Thousand Oaks roof ensures they don’t find their way into your home, maintaining a healthier environment.

    Our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Process

    The time-tested soft-washing process is safe and effective on materials that traditional pressure washing would cut right through. Soft washing will remove every speck from your roof without leaving unsightly marks or scratches. 

    About Thousand Oaks, CA

    Thousand Oaks is a city in the Conejo Valley in southeastern Ventura County, California. It’s about 15 miles from Los Angeles, an area well-known for its numerous oak trees.

    The city of Thousand Oaks received its incorporation in 1964. It annexed most of Newbury Park and two-thirds of the master-planned Westlake community in the late 1960s and 1970s. 

    From here, you can access Malibu via winding roads, a bicycle path, or countless hiking trails across the Santa Monica Mountains. The city also offers an impressive array of shopping centers, including the Oaks Mall and Janss Marketplace.

    How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost in Thousand Oaks, CA ?

    If you schedule cleaning for your roof in Thousand Oaks, CA, expect it to cost between $779 and $1380. The total depends on the type of your roof, the size of your property, and the team you hire.

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    Our Customer Reviews

    Great customer service, honest guys.I called Curb Appeal for a quote and estimate. Got an instant response over the phone and was able to text photos of the damage. The contractor answered immediately and gave their base estimate but also gave some excellent advice and their professional opinion that the damage didn’t require the more expensive treatment. It’s a very rare company that doesn’t try to upsell you, and they were completely correct. Thank you so much.
    I called them based on their reviews and they did deliver. From the ease of making the appointment, texting the day to inform me they were running late and what time to expect them -the communication is excellent. I would definitely use them for next year’s gutter cleaning. Thank you Curb Appeal!
    Carolyn Conrad
    Carolyn Conrad
    Did a great job! Right on time, very efficient, fairly priced
    alex bilowitz
    alex bilowitz
    Robert and Eric were exceptional. Have been using this service for the past few years and have always been impressed with their service.
    Tony Moses
    Tony Moses
    I will absolutely be using curb appeal again!!Excellent professional service
    Gail Berger
    Gail Berger
    Guys were great. They even alerted me of a serious roof problem that I didn't know about. I called my roofer right away!
    Nicole Grace
    Nicole Grace
    I called Curb Appeal to schedule service for our gutters to be cleared. They responded promptly and scheduled me in. Due to some upcoming rains, they moved me up to get the job done before then, which was really appreciated. The crew was prompt and efficient and all communication was very easy. I highly recommend Curb Appeal for any of the services they provide.
    Jason Lieberman
    Jason Lieberman
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