Post-Construction Cleaning Los Angeles

While most Contractors have the courtesy and decency to pick up here and there after their projects, it is very likely to have some construction debris, tape, stickers and other materials left over that will need to be cleaned up post construction.

This is where it can be extremely beneficial to hire a construction clean up crew like ours that knows the correct solutions and processes to clean and restore the surfaces to their original intention.

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    Professional Residential & Commercial Construction Cleaning Crew

    Curb Appeal Power Clean uses industry-leading solutions when removing construction messes like paint, drywall compound, grout thin-set, concrete, stickers, masking tape, duct tape, sticky caulking messes and all other debris and materials

    In Los Angeles we have worked with many contractors on new construction commercial sites and small residential remodels. In any case, we have the experience and knowledge to clean up without creating costly damages. In many cases we get called in when another inexperienced cleaning contractor was removed due to lack of knowledge and damage.

    You are in great hand working with Curb Appeal. Do not hesitate! you wont be disappointed.

    Types of Construction Job Sites we work on:

    Here are examples of construction clean up jobs we work on. 

    Post-Construction Window Cleaning & Cost in Los Angeles

    We Specialize in Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing

    Cleaning windows after a major home renovation job, or any type of new construction, is not like cleaning windows throughout the year, as you’ll often need to remove construction dust, adhesive, paint, and other debris from windows that have just been installed in a new construction site. We have experience using the proper tools like blades and cleaning solutions to remove the most stubborn messes.

    Cleaning cement, rust, paint and many different stubborn messes from your exterior surfaces such as concrete, pavers, natural stones, stucco, wood panel siding, metal roofs and many other  surfaces.  These instances require expertise and different approaches, it has taken us many years and experience to figure out the correct process to clean up any type of mess. 

    Cost To Clean Windows on a Construction Clean up job

    On Construction Window Cleaning jobs you should expect to pay 2-3 times more than a traditional window cleaning job. That is our best way to give a rough estimate.  For example a regular 2500 sqft home to clean the windows inside and out would cost approximately $350. For a Post-Construction Cleaning you can expect to pay a range $700 to $1000 defending on the amount of materials and condition of the windows.

    Why Should You Hire Curb Appeal For Your Job?

    • Communication is Key: On all jobs we emphasis on figuring out what our priority is and how to make sure you and your client is satisfied. We understand not every job and situation is created equal and in the cases where there are difficulties and where more attention or work need to be done to reach near perfection we will let you know exactly what needs to be done. 
    • Knowledge & Experience: Mike and the Team have been through many different difficult construction clean up situations and have been through tremendous amounts of chemical trainings. We have the know how and experience to clean any post construction clean up job without damage to your property.
    • References and Reviews: Over the years we have worked with many contractors and homeowners, they have left hundreds of reviews online showing their gratitude. We are very proud of this and it shows our hard work.

    Our Customer Reviews

    From start to finish Curb Appeal Power Clean was a delight to work with. Mike made it very easy to get a quote and schedule. Robert and his partner showed up promptly, did an amazing job power washing my front deck, driveway and retaining wall and cleaning the gutters. Robert took the time to take photos of my neighbor's tree what was growing into my gutters and explained what i need to have done. Everything is sparkling clean and with as little stress and hassle as possible. Everyone was incredibly nice, I would highly recommend them and will be calling them again when things get dirty, as they always do.
    Randi Hiller
    Randi Hiller
    23:00 02 Feb 23
    Excellent experience. Good customer service, easy to schedule and prompt communication. The team went above and beyond cleaning my gutters and skylights.
    Nadya Z. Barnes
    Nadya Z. Barnes
    20:39 18 Jan 23
    The crew came on time and were very professional and we were happy with the quality of their job.
    Shaida Jazayeri
    Shaida Jazayeri
    23:20 17 Jan 23
    In the midst of historical storms and what has surely got to be a busy time for this company, Curb Appeal scheduled us for service within a couple of days. On the day of service, the two men who arrived promptly were very professional and commenced to do a thorough job cleaning out our pine needle packed gutters. It gives us confidence that clean gutters will help to keep the next storm's rains out of the house and into the drains!
    Randi Simenhoff
    Randi Simenhoff
    16:34 12 Jan 23
    They did a great job, for a decent price. We will definitely hire them to clean our gutters annually.
    primo gallanosa
    primo gallanosa
    22:59 03 Jan 23
    I contacted Curb Appeal to have my rain gutters cleaned. They showed up on time, took before and after photos, and really did a great job. I will always use Curb Appeal and highly recommend their services to all my friends.
    Gayle Anders
    Gayle Anders
    18:54 02 Jan 23
    Highly recommended. Honest reliable and do an excellent job at their work.
    Mold Inspection Pro
    Mold Inspection Pro
    02:12 28 Dec 22
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