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Your gutter system protects the integrity of your home, while keeping it safe from potential water damage. Since water flows through the segments from the roof to the ground, obstacles like leaves, dirt, and debris can cause serious issues. When the gutters can’t effectively funnel water away from the home’s foundation, you run the risk of flooding your home’s basement, eroding the porous foundation, and fostering the growth of mold.

Avoid these problems by having your gutters professionally cleaned seasonally by Curb Appeal Power Clean in Los Angeles. The technicians are trained to clean gutters and restore them to optimal function- without you getting on a ladder to do it yourself!

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    Why You Need Gutter Cleaning Services

    The climate in California makes it prudent to have your gutters cleaned at least once per season. However, the grime and dirt of Los Angeles makes cleaning gutters important throughout the year. The buildup of grime, grease, and contaminants not only impacts the function of gutters, but is an unsightly mess that affects your property’s curb appeal, too.

    According to the experts, the best time to clean your gutters are in the spring- before the heavy rain- and in the fall when there is an influx of leaves. Keeping your gutters clean, functioning, and maintained is a job for professionals with the tools and experience to do it safely, effectively, and swiftly.

    There are risks associated with hauling your own ladder to clean gutters, including potential issues with low-hanging wires or nasty fall. Give yourself a break and call on the professionals; Curb Appeal Power Clean has state of the art equipment and professional training to get the job done in one visit.

    Benefits of Cleaning Your Gutters

    Some of the benefits and advantages of regularly cleaning your home’s gutters are:

    Extends Roof’s Lifespan

    Did you know that routine cleaning of your home’s gutters can extend the lifespan of your roof? Think of the money that you could save in repairs over time. Gutters facilitate water flow that curbs ice dams in winter and prevents excess pooling during the rainy seasons- both which have detrimental impacts on your roof. Maintaining your gutters is a proactive step to take for basic home maintenance.

    Prevents Basement Flooding

    If your basement is wet or becomes flooded, it could have to do with your gutters. When gutters are blocked or leaking, the overflow of water can gather and pool in your basement, which will cause damage over time.

    Increased Safety and Comfort

    Regularly cleaning your gutters keeps away pests such as rats and mosquitoes, that like to nest in the troughs of your gutter system. Plus, cleaning eliminates the growth of mold and mildew around your home, which makes it a healthier place to be.

    Increased Curb Appeal

    Sagging or clogged gutters can reduce the integrity of your home’s structure and negatively affect the aesthetics, as well. Protect your home’s curb appeal; take care of your gutters!

    Gutter Cleaning Los Angeles
    Gutter Cleaning Los Angeles


    On an average 1 story home in Los Angeles, the cost to have gutter cleaned is between $150 and $250. Gutter cleaning costs between $200 and $300 on an average 2 story home. Some Contractors base their price per linear foot, we find that to be a little confusing.  

    Overflowing gutters are the number one cause of basement water problems and cracked foundations. Failing to maintain your gutters can become a costly repair to your home. At Curb Appeal we offer gutter cleaning programs for semi-annual or annual cleanings.

    Never worry about whether your gutters are dirty again! With our priority scheduled gutter cleanings you can enjoy our year-round customer care discounts for any of our services.

    Gutter systems are designed to control the flow of water away from your home, preventing a list of problems. Here are the 5 most common issues.

    • Flooded Basements – The number one cause of water damage in basements is clogged gutters. When rainwater comes off your roof and has nowhere to go, it will find the path of least resistance. This is, usually, inside your soffits and siding all the way to the lowest point in the home, your basement.
    • Cracked Foundations – When water is allowed to settle around your home’s foundation and freezes it causes a condition called frost-heave. This can cause severe cracks to foundation walls.
    • Insect breeding ground – Free standing water and debris filled gutters are a paradise for several species of insects. Mosquitoes, wood destroying insects, wasps, and even termites can live inside your gutters and find their way into your home.

    Rotten Wood – The result of moisture being trapped and cut off from air circulating to dry out the wood fascia around the house can destroy your home. The rotted area will quickly worsen if the gutters are not cleaned.

    At Curb Appeal Power Clean we do not recommend to install both aluminum gutter screens and permanent gutter guards. The best way to ensure healthy gutters is to have them cleaned regularly. In most cased “Gutter Guards or Screens” make it more difficult to clean and trap debris inside the gutter that in a windy day might have blown it out. Gutter cleaning is necessary to keep your property safe and looking great all year-round.

    The debris we manage to scoop out of your gutter system is bagged and put on our truck or in your green waste bin; we dispose of it so you don’t have to worry.

    In Los Angeles along with many other cities and states in America gutters become clogged by leaves which fall twice a year. These leaves fall and accumulate on your gutters and with the combination of rain, they decompose and become debris. Angelenos that have had Gutter Cleaning performed know that during the summer seed pods and blossoms and done falling and they too clog the gutters as well as underground drains on the system. Small creatures such as birds and squirrels may build nests inside or behind your gutters.

    Depending on the size of your property or Home. In most cases we can be done within an hour or two. But, on some properties that are hard to access and many precautions need to be taken could take all day

    Gutter Guards or Screens may look nice but they will run you a ton of money in the long run. Every gutter screen that we’ve run across in Los Angeles allows small leaves, needles and seed through. The result is that downspouts still get covered and gutters still need to be cleaned. There is also additional labor involved with removing, cleaning and reinstalling the screens.

    If you’re having any cleaning done, you do not need any materials because we take everything we need. You also don’t even have to be present. If not there, we will inform you of our visit and once we are finished, we leave a note under the door with a receipt.

    After a certain amount of time or difficult conditions, your gutters will not run as smoothly as they did before, therefore they will not work properly. A good sign of this is water coming over the top, dripping water without it raining. These are obvious signs of a clogged gutter system but there are other signs that clearly aren’t as noticeable for that reason we recommend you have Gutter Cleaning done at least once a year.

    Gutter Cleaning should be performed by a professional for safety reasons. Every year, dozens of accidents are caused by attempts to unclog gutter systems by someone that does not have the experience required to perform such task. It is also cost-effective to have an expert do the job for you as you might damage the gutters to the point that it may cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars to repair.

    Call for a Free Gutter Cleaning Estimate and Preserve Your Home Investment.

    Curb Appeal Power Clean will help to maintain the integrity of your home by cleaning your gutters and safely guiding water away from your foundation. Call now for a free estimate and quote, or to get started on cleaning your home’s gutters. Customers throughout the region will concur that we are the go-to experts for pressure washing services in Los Angeles; call to learn more today.

    Our Customer Reviews

    Great customer service, honest guys.I called Curb Appeal for a quote and estimate. Got an instant response over the phone and was able to text photos of the damage. The contractor answered immediately and gave their base estimate but also gave some excellent advice and their professional opinion that the damage didn’t require the more expensive treatment. It’s a very rare company that doesn’t try to upsell you, and they were completely correct. Thank you so much.
    I called them based on their reviews and they did deliver. From the ease of making the appointment, texting the day to inform me they were running late and what time to expect them -the communication is excellent. I would definitely use them for next year’s gutter cleaning. Thank you Curb Appeal!
    Carolyn Conrad
    Carolyn Conrad
    Did a great job! Right on time, very efficient, fairly priced
    alex bilowitz
    alex bilowitz
    Robert and Eric were exceptional. Have been using this service for the past few years and have always been impressed with their service.
    Tony Moses
    Tony Moses
    I will absolutely be using curb appeal again!!Excellent professional service
    Gail Berger
    Gail Berger
    Guys were great. They even alerted me of a serious roof problem that I didn't know about. I called my roofer right away!
    Nicole Grace
    Nicole Grace
    I called Curb Appeal to schedule service for our gutters to be cleared. They responded promptly and scheduled me in. Due to some upcoming rains, they moved me up to get the job done before then, which was really appreciated. The crew was prompt and efficient and all communication was very easy. I highly recommend Curb Appeal for any of the services they provide.
    Jason Lieberman
    Jason Lieberman
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