8 Reasons to Have Professionals Pressure Wash Your Home

8 Reasons to Have Professionals Pressure Wash Your Home


Year-round, your home is exposed to various elements as the sun, wind, rain, insects, grime, and pollutants that can take a toll over time, making it vulnerable to damage. Pressure washing is the way to remove and restore the surface of your home, preserving its integrity and curb appeal for years to come.

Pressure washing is the most effective, efficient, and safe way to clean your house, when it is done by a professional. Don’t entrust just anyone with your property; call a pressure washing company in your area to make your home look refreshed and revitalized.

Some perks of professional pressure washing include:

#1: Increased Property Value

Cleaning your home’s façade shows care and attention; this may demonstrate to potential buyers that you maintain your property conscientiously. If you are in the market to sell your home, professional pressure washing may have the potential to increase your overall property valuation. Another advantage is that it could contribute to an enhanced value of the community or neighborhood at-large, which is good news for both you and any of your neighbors!

#2: Restores Curb Appeal

Don’t be the home in the neighborhood that is dingy and lackluster. Restore and refresh your façade with professional house washing in Los Angeles. Curb Appeal Power Clean can come to you and provide a no-commitment estimate to get started.

#3: Saves Time

Aren’t you busy enough? Getting your property professionally pressure washed frees you up to do other things, like spend time with your family or engage in leisure activities and hobbies. Don’t underestimate the time and effort it takes to pressure wash a home properly; call a pro and save yourself valuable time. Set up a service schedule with your pressure washing company to establish a maintenance routine that requires no effort on your part to keep your property looking its best.

#4: Saves Money

If you make pressure washing a part of your regular maintenance routine for your home, over time, it can save money in pricey repairs and take years off the age of your home!  Keep your home young and vital with an attentive maintenance plan that includes pressure washing. This attention to your home will identify any potential issues before they can grow into major problems and costly issues later.

#5: Expertise & Equipment

Pressure washing a home right requires specialized equipment and expertise. Without these things, you risk doing significant damage to yourself and your property. Plus, this equipment is not cheap; even renting it is less cost-effective than hiring an industry professional to come and pressure wash your house, business, or other surface.

#6: Safety

Did you know the pressure from a high-pressure washer can lacerate and cut your skin? Furthermore, you can burn yourself- or someone else- if you are inexperienced with the practice.

#7: Renovation Preparedness

Planning any home renovations? It is the perfect time to pressure wash! Pressure washing prepares your home for painting, resurfacing, or refinishing jobs by removing dirt, grease, and grime from the surface.

#8: Health Protection for Your Family

Pressure washing removes nasty allergens, mold, dust, and mildew that invade the air that your family is breathing. This can affect your family’s health throughout the year- even for a lifetime. Also, removing residue and dirt from around the home can create a less-slippery surface underfoot.

Get Your Home Professionally Power Washed Today 

There are many advantages to regular pressure washing that will preserve your prime investment- your home. The benefits of improved curb appeal and enhanced value are enough to make professional cleaning a prudent and practical step to take. Furthermore, keeping a clean, healthy environment for your family is invaluable; call and learn more today.

Curb Appeal Power Clean professionally pressure washes homes and businesses in Los Angeles; they give free estimates for prospective clients that are contemplating the benefits of professional pressure washing. Don’t trust your home to just anyone; call for your no-obligation quote today.

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I called Curb Appeal to schedule service for our gutters to be cleared. They responded promptly and scheduled me in. Due to some upcoming rains, they moved me up to get the job done before then, which was really appreciated. The crew was prompt and efficient and all communication was very easy. I highly recommend Curb Appeal for any of the services they provide.
Jason Lieberman
Jason Lieberman
06:09 14 Mar 23
If you need power washing if any sort, I highly recommend Curb Appeal. They are responsive and do a great job.
g futterman
g futterman
21:06 27 Feb 23
Robert arrived right on time, did a great job and was very friendly! Will definitely hire again!
Adele Abbott
Adele Abbott
21:02 23 Feb 23
From start to finish Curb Appeal Power Clean was a delight to work with. Mike made it very easy to get a quote and schedule. Robert and his partner showed up promptly, did an amazing job power washing my front deck, driveway and retaining wall and cleaning the gutters. Robert took the time to take photos of my neighbor's tree what was growing into my gutters and explained what i need to have done. Everything is sparkling clean and with as little stress and hassle as possible. Everyone was incredibly nice, I would highly recommend them and will be calling them again when things get dirty, as they always do.
Randi Hiller
Randi Hiller
23:00 02 Feb 23
Excellent experience. Good customer service, easy to schedule and prompt communication. The team went above and beyond cleaning my gutters and skylights.
Nadya Z. Barnes
Nadya Z. Barnes
20:39 18 Jan 23
The crew came on time and were very professional and we were happy with the quality of their job.
Shaida Jazayeri
Shaida Jazayeri
23:20 17 Jan 23
In the midst of historical storms and what has surely got to be a busy time for this company, Curb Appeal scheduled us for service within a couple of days. On the day of service, the two men who arrived promptly were very professional and commenced to do a thorough job cleaning out our pine needle packed gutters. It gives us confidence that clean gutters will help to keep the next storm's rains out of the house and into the drains!
Randi Simenhoff
Randi Simenhoff
16:34 12 Jan 23
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