Glass Graffiti, Acid Etch & Scratch Removal Los Angeles

Are you battling graffiti on your windows and glass?  Glass graffiti such as scratches, Acid etch marks & spray paint on windows is irritating. A fast response can protect your establishment from reoccurring vandalism. 

Curb Appeal  can remove the Acid Etching, Scratches and Graffiti on glass without leaving a trace. We only use professional proprietary equipment along with a polishing  procedure to remove any hard to remove marks from your windows. 

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    Professional Glass Restoration in Los Angeles

    Curb Appeal Power Clean uses industry-leading solutions when removing graffiti, acid etch marks and scratches on windows. Depending on how severe the marks are we will apply the correct process of cleaning.

    In Los Angeles we come across glass graffiti on a daily basis and paints are typically simpler to remove. Graffiti “artists” have taken other measure in creating damage with Acid Etching on on glass, what used to be a beautiful way of creating annealed glass that has been treated with hydrofluoric acid to give its surface a frosted look. Lastly, Disturbing Scratched Glass these vandals create marks with sharp objects that penetrate deep into the surface and can sometimes be very difficult to remove.  

    Expert Window Repair Service We Provide

    Here are the professional glass restoration services:

    Prevention: How to Prevent Graffiti, Acid Etching and Scratches?

    If you are here you probably already have graffiti on your windows and the first thing we can recommend it to remove it immediately.

    Vandals will watch for graffiti as a sign of neglect and will create more damage if they suspect it will be ignored. Keeping areas lit at night and repairing damages that are not related to graffiti helps as well, a property that looks maintained is usually not what these vandals in Los Angles look for. There are methods of sealing the glass and applying a film to prevent damage as well. 

    Glass Graffiti Removal - Spray Paint & Felt Pen Marks on Windows

    Over the years we have encountered different graffiti on many surfaces. In most cases when it comes to spray paint or felt pens on glass the process is typically easier then cleaning acid etching marks, scratches or hard water. We apply a graffiti removal product patented for cleaning glass and it comes off. We advise to call a pro when dealing with glass it requires expertise to not create irreversible damage. 

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    Acid Etch Graffiti Removal - Hydrofluoric Acid on Glass

    Unlike Painted graffiti Acid etching cannot be washed off with chemicals. The Acid is etched into the glass using hydrofluric acid.  When the acid is applied to the window or glass it leaves a matt white stain on the glass.  Because the acid actually etches into the the glass, the stain cannot be washed off. The only way to remove the etching is to grind the glass down past the damage and buff/polish it until its is completely transparent. 

    Acid Etching on Glass

    Glass Scratch Removal - Consruction & Graffiti Damage

    There are many DIY ways of removing light scratches from glass such as the baking soda mixture, tooth paste as an abrasive or Nail polish theses methods might work if done correctly on light scratches.

    When your glass has graffiti scratches big enough to fit your fingernail through, call a professional like us to assess the situation. Email us photos of the damage to get a price.

    scratch removal on glass

    Our Customer Reviews

    I called Curb Appeal to schedule service for our gutters to be cleared. They responded promptly and scheduled me in. Due to some upcoming rains, they moved me up to get the job done before then, which was really appreciated. The crew was prompt and efficient and all communication was very easy. I highly recommend Curb Appeal for any of the services they provide.
    Jason Lieberman
    Jason Lieberman
    06:09 14 Mar 23
    If you need power washing if any sort, I highly recommend Curb Appeal. They are responsive and do a great job.
    g futterman
    g futterman
    21:06 27 Feb 23
    Robert arrived right on time, did a great job and was very friendly! Will definitely hire again!
    Adele Abbott
    Adele Abbott
    21:02 23 Feb 23
    From start to finish Curb Appeal Power Clean was a delight to work with. Mike made it very easy to get a quote and schedule. Robert and his partner showed up promptly, did an amazing job power washing my front deck, driveway and retaining wall and cleaning the gutters. Robert took the time to take photos of my neighbor's tree what was growing into my gutters and explained what i need to have done. Everything is sparkling clean and with as little stress and hassle as possible. Everyone was incredibly nice, I would highly recommend them and will be calling them again when things get dirty, as they always do.
    Randi Hiller
    Randi Hiller
    23:00 02 Feb 23
    Excellent experience. Good customer service, easy to schedule and prompt communication. The team went above and beyond cleaning my gutters and skylights.
    Nadya Z. Barnes
    Nadya Z. Barnes
    20:39 18 Jan 23
    The crew came on time and were very professional and we were happy with the quality of their job.
    Shaida Jazayeri
    Shaida Jazayeri
    23:20 17 Jan 23
    In the midst of historical storms and what has surely got to be a busy time for this company, Curb Appeal scheduled us for service within a couple of days. On the day of service, the two men who arrived promptly were very professional and commenced to do a thorough job cleaning out our pine needle packed gutters. It gives us confidence that clean gutters will help to keep the next storm's rains out of the house and into the drains!
    Randi Simenhoff
    Randi Simenhoff
    16:34 12 Jan 23
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